E. Configuration of the Syntax Highlighting

This is a new feature to configure the syntax highlighting according to
the programming language / file type.

The configuration ASCII file "mbedit.syn" (usually located on the same
directory as the macro file "mbedit.mac") contains control information
to setup the desired file extensions, the comment character(s) and the
keywords to be highlighted.

A quick look about the pathname of the config file and the loaded file
types can be seen with the command ML ('M'acro 'L'ist).

The setup for the actual file is also displayed in the <F1> help menu,
in the form:

sYntax hl [7,2], where the two parameters have the following meaning:
           | |
           | +-- file_type (e.g.: 1="c", 2="cpp" "h", ...)
           +-- highlight status (bit combination of:
                                 1=comments, 2=keywords, 4=strings)

If the file extension of the actual file is not found in the list, the
status is set to 0 by default (highlighting "off"). If it is a known
file extension, it is set to 7, and the file type is set according to
the extension.

The actual setting of the two parameters can be modified: With the
command SY ('S'et s'Y'ntax) and 1 or 2 following numbers, separated by
a comma, e.g.: SY 7,1

An example of the configuration file can be found here:
mbedit.syn !

It can easily be changed and extended to new requirements (other languages
or file types).

Supported Languages / File Types (so far...)

see extra file syntax.htm !

Will be continued further on ...